GCA offers classes from Preschool through 12th grade in academic areas such as Bible, Foreign Language, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  We also offer many electives such as Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, and Photography.  In addition to academic courses, students attending GCA also have the opportunity to participate in social events, student government and clubs.



Diploma Program

The GCA/RLCA Diploma Program is in partnership with Red Lion Christian Academy, offering students in 6th-12th grade some of the positive experiences of traditional school including competitive sports, fine arts programs, and social events while allowing families to maintain the unique home schooling approach to education which has proven statistically to be very successful.  Once students have met the rigorous requirements of the Diploma Program they are granted a RLCA/GCA diploma representative of their achievement.

Umbrella School

The GCA Umbrella School oversees the education of children in grades K-5 who are members of Glasgow Church, siblings of Diploma program students, or children of instructors at GCA.



Journey at GCA 

EXPANDED special needs classes beginning Fall 2016!

Do you have a child with a special need or learning difference who needs extra support in the classroom?  

Journey will be offering classes for elementary through middle school students including a certificate program in 2016.